Member designated projects

Bradford county:

Bradford County support letter

Bradford County Surface Transportation Request

MDP Certification letter Bradford county Northern Tier RPO  bridge replacement

Centre county:

Centre MPO 2021 Highway and Bridge TIP_as of 2021-04-21

MDP Certification Letter Centre -Atherton Street 

SR 322 Atherton Street

MDP submission Centre MPO PennDOT letter SR 322 04162021

Clinton county:

SR 1001 Farrandsville Road Improvements

MDP Certification Letter - Farrandsville Road SR 1001 (SEDA-COG)

Lycoming county:

Lycoming Co Sponsor Letter Commissioners

Lycoming Co Warrensville Road Slide Repair Highway Bill

Lycoming County MDP submission information

MDP Certification Letter Lycoming - Warrensville Road

TIP Warrensville Rd. Lick Run Slide


City of Williamsport MDP submission information


MDP Certification letter Lycoming - River Valley Transit


Lawshee Run Culvert Replacement Feasibility Study

Lawshee Run Culvert Replacement

MDP Certification letter Lycoming- Lawshee Run Culvert Replacement

Potter county:

ATA Potter Surface Transportation Reauthorization Request Keller 042621

MDP Certification letter Potter - Coudersport Transit Station

Potter County letter of support 042621

Synder county:

Congressman Keller transportation letter Snyder County 2021 04 21

Keller transportation form for SR 104

MDP Certification letter Synder- State Route 104 over Mahantango Creek

Snyder County TIP 2021 04 20

Sullivan county:

MDP Certification letter Sullivan - Bridge Rehabilitation

Sullivan County support letter

Sullivan County Surface Transportation Request

Susquehanna county:

MDP Certification Letter

Susquehanna County support letter

Susquehanna County Surface Transportation Request

Tioga county:

42121 Letters of Support Marsh Creek Greenway

MDP Certification letter Tioga - Marsh Creek Greenway

Tioga County support letter

Tioga County Surface Transportation Request

Wyoming county:

MDP Certification letter Wyoming - Resurfacing and Asset Management 

Wyoming County support letter

Wyoming County Surface Transportation Request