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Jobs/Workforce Development

While our national economy has seen unprecedented prosperity over the last several years, throughout the district I constantly hear about employers having trouble finding good employees to take open positions. While on the House Education and Labor Committee, I have learned about the importance apprenticeships in learning skills while finding a career path.

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Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District

As I’ve long said, government works best when the people define their government, not the other way around. I want those in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District to know that my offices are an open channel for them to express their concerns and make their priorities my priorities.


Agriculture is the number one industry in Pennsylvania and is the lifeblood of central and northeastern Pennsylvania. With farmers facing seasonal and trade issues, the agriculture industry needs a strong voice in Congress. With the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) Pennsylvania farmers stand to benefit significantly by increased agriculture exports.


Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District is home to some of the most abundant natural gas and energy resources in the entire world. Thanks to home-grown energy resources produced in central and northeastern Pennsylvania, the United States is a net exporter of natural gas and is set to be a net exporter of energy.


We need to ensure healthcare is accessible and affordable while also protecting those with pre-existing conditions. However, we cannot bankrupt our country while doing so. We need to continue to explore practical ways to reduce the cost of healthcare. I’m proud to support legislation that seek this end by lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

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Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District is centrally located between some of the most travelled highways in our country and is poised to take economic advantage of our position by major infrastructure projects happening in our district.