Congressman Fred Keller visits local manufacturers

June 12, 2021
In The News

TROY — U.S. Rep. Fred Keller (R-Pa.-12) visited Penn-Troy Manufacturing and E-Tech Corporation for a facility tour and discussion on Friday afternoon.

Since 1959, Penn-Troy Manufacturing has been creating valves that are used on engines and in water treatment.

“The importance of the safety products produced here helps keep people that are operating machinery and engines safe, but it also helps municipal projects and their ability to be able to manage waste water,” Keller said.

Dolly Powers, owner of Penn-Troy Manufacturing, gave Keller a tour of the facility and was thrilled about his visit.

“When you are so far away from any of the larger cities you feel isolated so to have someone actually come up and talk to us and show us that they care it is huge,” Powers said.

Keller spent 25 years at Conestoga Wood Specialties and he spoke about his experience working in the manufacturing business.

“There are a lot of issues that are before people running a business and having run a business I understand that and what we want to be is a partner for the businesses and make sure they can be successful, Keller said. “When we are engaged with the businesses we can be responsive to what their needs are and we want to make sure our office is taking input from businesses and putting it into action.”

Keller spoke about the PPP small business loans and the idle loans that helped keep small business like Penn-Troy Manufacturing stay afloat during the pandemic. Powers was proud to say that none her employees were laid off during the pandemic, but there can still be more done to help businesses like hers’.

“He now knows how important infrastructure is to us and to everyone,” Powers said. “I don’t think we have ever had anyone reach out to us from the government that comes to see the small town America and sees what we do here because we are the backbone of America.”

Kellerman concluded his discussion issuing a warning regarding the economy in the upcoming year.

“What I would be worried about is next year,” Keller said. “Because of the shut downs and not reopening the economy you have businesses that aren’t reopening and some that are not going to; therefore there will be less people working and that is why we have been saying the best stimulus is a job and reopening the economy.”