Congressman Keller speaks about his election objection

January 8, 2021
In The News

"After we got done with the certification of President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris, I came home."

Congressman Fred Keller was back home in Central Pennsylvania when he joined Newswatch 16 by Zoom, one day after the historic events at the Capitol.

Keller says he was not on the House floor when the building was breached but was taken to a secure location until the Capitol was cleared.

He condemns the law-breakers. 

"What happened yesterday at the U.S. Capitol was a low point, it was a sad point," said Rep. Fred Keller (R) of PA's 12th District. 

Keller was one of the Republicans who objected to the election results in Pennsylvania.

In a statement, Keller stresses that "my objection during last night's joint session was narrowly focused on the constitutional violations that occurred in Pennsylvania."

"I'm not even dealing with any of the allegations on that side because then I would be stepping out of the area where I have authority. My focus was the constitution was violated," said Keller in relation to election fraud in Pennsylvania. 

Keller says he's been clear from the outset that his objection was largely procedural and not based on any alleged criminality. 

He wants constituents in the 12th District to feel secure that his re-election was in no way tainted.

"In the counties that I represent, there have not been any allegations that those counties ran things improperly," said Keller. 

Congressman Keller says there was one bright spot in all of the turmoil on Jan. 6: the work of Capitol police and law enforcement to keep members of congress safe so they could eventually return to work.