Congressman Keller votes against Biden stimulus package

February 28, 2021
In The News

Washington, D.C. — On Saturday, Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) voted against President Biden's $2 trillion stimulus plan, claiming that the legislation was too partisan and fiscally wasteful.

“Rather than spend trillions more in taxpayer dollars on items unrelated to COVID-19, we should first look at being accountable for the more than $1 trillion that has yet to be spent from previous relief efforts," Keller said.

In Keller's opinion, only 9% of Biden's stimulus plan goes to public health spending.

"Because of the exorbitant price-tag of this proposal and how it has been fast-tracked through Congress,  the $1.9 trillion cost must be offset, which could trigger cuts to existing federal programs that seniors,  veterans, and farmers rely on," Keller's press team said.