Does Pennsylvania’s members of Congress support or oppose the articles of impeachment against President Trump?

December 10, 2019
In The News

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives announced two articles of impeachment Tuesday against President Donald Trump, accusing him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress as a result of his dealings with Ukrainian leaders.

The announcement of those articles moves to the impeachment process a step closer to a House floor vote expected before Christmas. The House Judiciary panel is expected to hold a vote later this week.

The articles of impeachment were unveiled hours before Trump, who has maintained that he did nothing wrong, is set to hold a campaign rally tonight in Hershey.

Here’s what Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, which split on party lines in a vote outlining the public steps of the impeachment investigation, had to say Tuesday in reaction to the articles of impeachment. (This article will be updated.)

Reaction from Democrats

U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, 5th District (Delaware County) and vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee:

“No president in history has used the power of the Presidency to betray our democracy & corrupt our elections as this one has. Abuse of power & obstruction of Congress are the highest of high crimes under our Constitution. President Trump must be impeached. #DefendOurDemocracy"

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-2nd District, parts of Philadelphia)

A spokesman for Boyle said Tuesday morning that the congressman supports both articles of impeachment.

Rep. Dwight Evans (D-3rd, Philadelphia)

“Today is a somber and historic day, necessary for upholding our oath of office and the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin said after the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia that we have ‘a republic, if you can keep it.’ House Democrats intend to keep it.”

Reaction from Republicans

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-12th District (Lycoming County):

“The announcement of articles of impeachment today is a sad day for our republic. Those who do not like President Trump’s policies and resent him working to restore the power of the government to the people have worked tirelessly from the moment he announced he was running for President to find any possible means to tear him down. The articles of impeachment announced today are not fueled by any facts or first-hand accounts, but rather a fantastical hatred for the President of the United States of America. The actions of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and their House Democratic colleagues have done—and will continue to do—nothing but tear this country apart.”

Rep. Dan Meuser, 9th District (Schuylkill County):

"Finally, Democrat leadership has come up with the terms they find most effective for their impeachment sham. They’ve tried Russian corruption, bribery, quid pro quo, and obstruction of justice, and have now finally arrived at “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.

"The group abusing power here is Democrat leadership, with the presumption of guilt and the lack of due process against President Donald J. Trump. Additionally, they have obstructed Congress by holding secret hearings to vet their own witnesses as rehearsals before public viewing.

“This is Orwellian and, for the sake of our country and the American people, cannot be allowed to happen again.”

Rep. John Joyce, 13th District (Blair County):

“Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have been planning to impeach President Trump since Election Day 2016. For years, they have sought to undermine the President and prevent him from fulfilling his Constitutional responsibilities. Since gaining control of the House in January, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have obsessed over endless investigations of the Trump Administration, grasping at straws while withholding evidence from elected Members of Congress.

“In spite of this sham impeachment process, the American people have yet to see any direct evidence of wrongdoing. Rather than point to facts, the impeachment inquiry has revealed the depth of House Democrats’ disdain for President Trump and their disregard of the legitimate votes of the American people, including the constituents of PA-13. Under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, this process has been a failure, specifically in transparency and fairness, that is beneath the dignity of the U.S. House of Representatives.”