Eureka Resources is in the Process of Expanding

November 2, 2019
In The News

BRADFORD COUNTY, PA.(WENY)-- WENY News took an inside look at the Eureka Resources plant Friday morning as officials guided group tours throughout it. The company recently announced that they are in the process of a multimillion dollar expansion which will not only help expand the company, but also bring new jobs and opportunities to the State of Pennsylvania. 

Eureka officials gathered a few groups together on Friday morning to teach them about Eureka and then give them a tour of their high tech facilities located in Wysox PA. The CEO told WENY News that these tours are important because they want to be able to show the people what the company does and why. 

"We think having everybody understand that the oil and gas industry brings things other than oil and gas to an economy, to an area and to a market is very important and that what we do," says Daniel John Ertel, CEO of Eureka Resources.

Eureka did recently announce their multimillion dollar expansion and when asked, the CEO told WENY news that Eureka is primarily private in equity funding but, the State of Pennsylvania did recently back their expansion with a $1.5 Million dollar RCAP award. Congressman Keller was able to attend Fridays tour to not only show his support for the company, but to get a more in depth look at what the company exactly does. 

"Anything we can do to help businesses like this that do a great job, that help employ people, give them good paying jobs and also help our environment, we want to make sure we're doing it," Congressman Fred Keller tells WENY News.

After taking a full tour of the Eureka Plant, Ertel explained to WENY News exactly what they are planning on expanding. 

"So we'll build salt wear housing, we'll build additional treatment capacity, we'll build production capacity, we're also possibly looking at building a co-gen plant powered off of natural gas to provide our own power. So everything will be here on this campus, we've got about 40 archers here, so everything will be here," says Ertel.

Ertel went on to tell WENY News that if any local groups such as science classes or other small groups would like to take a tour of the plant to learn about what they do and how they do it, he would be happy for them to come out. You can click here to be taken to their page to learn more and possibly set up a future tour.