Farmers said to favor USMCA

August 21, 2019
In The News

SELINSGROVE — Congressman Fred Keller (R-Pa. 12) said he’s been learning this summer what potential action was finding favor with constituents.

“When we are in session, that is sort of the ‘test days,’” Keller said. “Here were are doing the ‘homework’ to make sure we have the right input and thoughtfulness to get the job done for the people.”

Keller, on a break from Congress, said farm people are hopeful the legislature will ratify the United States, Mexico, Canada (USMCA) trade agreement. To date, it has only been ratified by the Senate of Mexico.

“Canada has Class 7 milk,” Keller said. “We can’t sell our milk in Canada.”

The price system barrier which had prohibited US export of Class 7 milk to Canada has been dropped in the USMCA as proposed, but Congress  would still need to ratify it as well as Canada.

Meantime, he said making middle-class tax cuts permanent was also on the minds of many.

“We’ve talked to a lot of (small) businesses that have been able to reinvest because of the depreciation,” he said. “Because they have more money in their pocket.”

Keller, visiting the area and stopping at the victory gathering for State House member-elect David Rowe, said reauthorization of a flood instance bill was something he hoped Congress would take action on this fall.