Fred Keller to Newsmax TV: Biden Should Focus on Legal Immigrants

March 18, 2021
In The News

Rep. Fred Keller, R-Penn., told Newsmax TV on Thursday that President Joe Biden Democrats have failed “to recognize the crisis they created and really address it” when it comes to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Keller told “American Agenda” that “what we're seeing unfold” on the Southwest border “is failure by the Biden administration to recognize the crisis they created and really address it.”

He went on to say that former President Donald Trump “had a system that was working. He worked with foreign leaders in Mexico to make sure people weren't being mistreated and had the opportunity to apply for asylum in an orderly fashion, and now it's just chaos. 

Keller said later that “Really what the Biden administration should focus on is working on the processing of status for people that are coming to our country legally instead of focusing on trying to expedite the people that are coming here illegally. They're sort of incentivizing bad behavior by some cracks about your process, but we're not gonna look tough at how we handle people that want to come in our country legal. And that to me is a big difference from” the previous administration, adding that these policies are “just encouraging people to come in and rely on dangerous individuals to get them home to our border. And we know the kids and women are being taken advantage of by cartels and people that really don't have their best interests at heart.”

The congressman said, “what you have to do is, you have to go through the process and apply to come in either for a work visa or for asylum, and that's where President Trump really got it right on the Southern border, protect the border and provide a method that people stay in Mexico and apply for their status to come in the United States rather than just create a crisis. It seems like the Democrats, you know their mantra of always, never let a crisis go to waste when they can't find one where they manufacture one. That's exactly what President Biden did at our Southern border.”

He concluded, “I know that the president hasn't been to the border. The administration has not acknowledged there's a crisis that they created. It's a crisis. They haven't acknowledged that and the first thing you do, to come up with a solution is you have to admit there's a problem. And by not allowing press to the border, they don't have to face the fact that the public's going to see the images of the crisis they created. That's why they don't want people down there and that's why they're not admitting there's a crisis. They cannot manage this without first admitting there's an issue, and… they can't create a crisis and then look like the hero to come in and try and solve something there and mismanage it.”