Governor Wolf, republican lawmakers react to voters imposing limits on emergency powers

May 19, 2021
In The News

History was made in Pennsylvania.

Voters here became the first in the country to limit their governor's emergency powers.

The majority of voters checked "yes" to approving amendments to our state constitution.

It comes after republican lawmakers pushed to roll-back emergency powers that Governor Wolf used during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We had a long period to see how the current system worked and I think there was some thought that maybe we could do better," Wolf said Wednesday in Wilkes-Barre. "So I'm looking forward to working with the legislature to figure out how we can make this work."

"We've never had something like this in my lifetime. So I think it was a great experiment, a great time to see how the system we had worked. A lot of people, the majority had a sense that we could do it better," Wolf said. "We're going to work together to do as best we can for Pennsylvania."

House majority leader Kerry Benninghoff says some of Governor Wolf's decisions over the last year led to putting this up to a vote.

"I think it was some of the inconsistency in a lot of the edicts that came down. decisions that were being made. Somewhat random, sometimes pretty abrupt," Benninghoff (R) said.

Congressman Fred Keller agrees, saying, "Pennsylvanians want to make sure the government is held in check and no executive does what we saw over the last year, and that's extend an emergency declaration to hold onto power," Keller (R) said.

The constitutional amendments take effect once the state certifies the election results.