Keller: Expect peaceful transition following electionKeller: Expect peaceful transition following election

October 16, 2020
In The News

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller said there has always been a peaceful transition of power following elections and, if needed, says he expects the same next month when a winner is selected in the presidential election.

Even though President Donald Trump continues to say he will only lose to challenger Joe Biden if the election is rigged, Keller said precedent will be followed.

“When we look at a fair election and the electoral process in our republic, since the beginning, we have accepted a peaceful transition of power,” Keller said. “I am confident that at the end of this election, when the votes are counted that need to be counted, we need to accept the will of our electors. All anyone is looking for is that people get to vote fairly and every ballot that should be cast and counted is cast and counted.”

In a meeting with The Daily Item’s editorial board on Wednesday, the Republican incumbent from Pennsylvania’s 12th District discussed a range of topics, including the federal and state government’s responses to COVID-19, a national push for broadband and the GOP plan for health care. Keller is seeking re-election against Democrat Lee Griffin. The session was the latest in a series of editorial board meetings that feature Valley candidates in contested elections.

Keller praised the COVID-19 response from the federal government as “remarkable,” citing early legislation passed by Congress and the president’s travel ban to and from China.

“The CARES Act provided needed help for families, small businesses, governments and health care,” he said. “When you look at what government was able to do, with the help from the administration, it’s been pretty remarkable to help Americans get through this.”

Keller said the Republican plan to improve health care in America revolves around transparency and competition. He said the GOP will protect pre-existing conditions.

“The plan we put together, we want to make sure we have input,” Keller said. “Selling insurance across state lines, creating competition that would drive down the cost and improve the quality of health care.”

If elected to a second term, Keller said his top priority after COVID-19 is a federal push for broadband, one that views high-speed access as infrastructure rather than a luxury.

“Let’s call it infrastructure, just like we do with the highway infrastructure,” he said. “One thing we are going to learn from (COVID) is that we need to put it (high-speed internet) across America. We have learned that. Some people may not go back to work, they will work from home. We are delivering health care through telemedicine. We may not have thought it was important before, but this brought it to the top.”