Leaders aim to continue ER service at Tyler Memorial Hospital

August 11, 2021
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Tunkhannock — Federal Health Leaders, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and a number of elected officials said Tuesday that they are working together to maintain emergency room services on the campus of Tyler Memorial Hospital.

According to a news release, plans for this transition will continue in the coming weeks.

“Our team is truly proud of the local leadership of Tyler Memorial Hospital and the devoted legislators to the communities they serve,” said Keara, deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Cline Peter said. “It was an honor to support their efforts to find a viable solution to continue to provide healthcare services at Tankanock.”

Tyler Memorial Hospital recently announced its intention to terminate acute care and surgical services for inpatients and move the facility to an outpatient care campus before October 23, 2021.

Healthcare resources to help people get better and healthier remain in Tankanock, along with services that the community wants to use, such as imaging, outpatient treatment, and diagnostic services.

Commonwealth Health has also expressed interest and hope in providing emergency room services onsite and is working closely with the Ministry of Health to find viable options.

Senator Lisa Baker of R-Lehman Township said: “This department has responded to the leadership of federal health, business, community leaders, and officials elected at the state, county, and city levels advocating emergency services that remain in Tankanock. Access is very important to the population. “

Although inpatient utilization at Tyler Memorial Hospital has been steadily declining over the past few years (the average daily census of inpatients is only a few), the facility offers emergency services and outpatient care. It continues to be a hub for patient care and diagnostic services.

Commonwealth Health aims to continue to offer a range of services that reflect the level of care the community is currently using.

R-Harvey’s Lake Congressman Calembovac said: “Commonwealth Health’s ability to continue to provide emergency medical services on the Tyler campus helps support the health and well-being of residents of Tunkhannock and Wyoming County. Commonwealth Health has been motivated to maintain this important resource. Our cooperation as elected civil servants in collaboration with the Commonwealth Department of Health and the Ministry of Health shows that our voice was heard on behalf of our members. . “

CHS said many emergency services are not adjacent to inpatient hospitals and can be effectively managed by the emergency department without having to move to a traditional hospital environment. Professionally trained emergency physicians, registered nurses, and other patient care providers provide on-site care.

Designated as an emergency room in the news release, the facility can accept individuals in an ambulance and evaluate and provide medical screening for patients. Patients who require more complex care, such as surgery, childbirth, and advanced diagnostic services, are stable and taken to a nearby hospital.

US Congressman Fred Keller of R-Middleburg also expressed support for the plan.

“As the only emergency health care provider in Wyoming County, Tyler Memorial Hospital is an important part of the community’s safety net,” Keller said. “Continuing Commonwealth Health’s ER services means sustained access to quality local care for local rural communities.”

Commonwealth Health Emergency Medical Services (CHEMS) will continue to deploy ambulances on-site to respond in a timely manner to emergencies and facilitate the required travel. Acute hospitalization, surgery and emergency care are readily available at Moses Taylor Hospital, Scranton Regional Hospital and Wilkes-Bar General Hospital.

Leaders aim to continue ER service at Tyler Memorial Hospital

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