Local lawmakers react to DOJ's decision on PA's nursing homes

July 26, 2021
In The News

A decision by the Department of Justice will not open an investigation into how Pennsylvania handled nursing homes during the pandemic.

A letter to Governor Tom Wolf’s office said it would not look further into claims that ordering nursing homes to accept residents who'd been treated for COVID-19 in a hospital was a violation of federal law.

Republican Congressman Fred Keller’s office disagrees with the decision, saying in a statement "The news is disappointing given the fact that thousands of Pennsylvanians lost loved ones due to the Wolf Administration’s reckless policies that put senior citizens at undue risk."

"The pandemic was something that we haven't experienced certainly haven't experienced one like that in a hundred years, we were not prepared a lot of organizations whether it was health or not was not prepared for this," said Democrat Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski.

No investigation or report indicates policy as a cause of death or outbreak.