Locals comment on impeachment proceedings

November 14, 2019
In The News

Area residents who closely follow politics had mixed reactions about the impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump, which got under way Wednesday.

Stanley Berard, professor of political science, Lock Haven University, called the hearings a necessary process given the President’s actions.

“There are things here where the president is involved in a questionable approach to Ukraine,” he said. “There are matters that need to be investigated and impeachment proceedings are not an inappropriate way to do that.”

Berard also said it is a partisan political process that will make it hard for many people reviewing the case to remain completely unbiased.

Morgan Allyn, chair of the Lycoming County Democratic Committee, said she believes there is a good reason for the impeachment hearings.

She conceded as a Democrat she is biased against Trump.

But she also said people need to step back and watch the process proceed.

“Make up your own mind. Look at things plainly and not let all the politics interfere and make your own judgment,” she said. “People in Lycoming County are practical. It is up to us to have our own thoughts on this and not be persuaded by political parties. That’s all we can really ask each other.”

Joseph Hamm, chair of the Lycoming County Republican Committee, had a different view.

“We believe the facts are the facts. The transcripts show that the President did nothing wrong. And that is all in black and white,” he said. “The Democratic Party is trying to usurp the will and right of the American people and undo results of the 2016 election. We believe citizens of the United State of America will see through this sham and re-elect President Donald Trump in 2020.”

Dr. Craig Miller, associate professor of history and political science, Pennsylvania College of Technology, said this presidential impeachment process, like most others before it, is political.

“I would be surprised if the Democrats didn’t impeach him,” he said. “They seem to believe they have seen enough information. They just need to share it with the public.”

Miller said many of his students are perhaps confused by the whole process because they rely on social media and biased news sources for information.

Added Berard: “The easy prediction is the House will go for impeachment.”

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, R-Kreamer, made his views unmistakably clear.

“Democrats are so afraid of a repeat of the disastrous Mueller hearing that they are starting public hearings only after wasting hundreds of hours auditioning witnesses in secret, shutting out the American people and 75 percent of their elected representatives to Congress,” he stated. “The rehearsed questions and prepared answers the American people will hear this week are nothing short of political theatre orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment Czar, Adam Schiff.

“These proceedings are not meant to get to the bottom of anything and are merely an attempt to check the box of transparency so House Democrats can continue their three-year-long coup and overturn the will of the people,” he continued. “Enough is enough. It’s time for this sham process to end and for Congress to move on to working for the benefit of the American people by passing things like the USMCA, truly bipartisan prescription drug reform, and measures to fully fund our military and take care of our veterans.”