Moms know best

September 30, 2020
In The News

All across the country, moms are asking, “Why can’t we have whole milk back in our schools?” The answer is simple. The Obama administration had whole milk removed from all of our schools across the nation. The Trump administration hasn’t done anything regarding placing whole milk back in our schools. The majority of the members of Congress have not been supporting realistic efforts to have whole milk placed in our schools.

One of the real clinchers is the fact that many farm organizations have not been pushing nearly hard enough to place whole milk back in our schools.

At the same time, author Nina Teicholz, the poster girl for dairy farmers and author of the book, “The Big Fat Surprise,” continues in her efforts to urge that whole milk must be placed back in our schools.

Let’s be frank! There are countless numbers of moms across the United States that are virtually begging for whole milk to be placed back in our schools. For at least six years, school children are coming home at night and telling their moms, “Mom, the milk in our school doesn’t taste good.” Or, “Mom, I can’t drink the milk in our school.” Or, “Mom, I throw the terrible tasting milk in school in the trash can.” What a shame.

Where are our politicians? Some of the politicians say, “I have to listen to science.” What science? Please read Nina Teicholz’s book.

How about listening to the science from a dairy farmer’s perspective? The majority of dairy farmers grew up drinking whole/raw milk. It’s very evident that our secretaries of agriculture won’t tackle this problem. So it’s up to Congress to take positive action.

Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson, R-Howard, has introduced the bill to get whole milk back in the schools. At least 42 members of Congress have signed onto his bill. However, the majority of signers are Republicans, even though Congressman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., chairman of the House Ag Committee, was one of the first Congressmen to sign onto the bill. Why aren’t Democrats supporting this bill? What about the rest of the Republicans? Why aren’t you supporting this bill?

Now, the Republican Congressman Fred Keller from my district has a very important bill that would allow whole milk into the WIC program. Thank you Congressman Keller! Everyone must contact your member of Congress to support this new bill.

Finally, I am a person who has drunk whole milk my whole life, and I just love whole chocolate milk. Let’s give our school children the same opportunity!

Arden Tewksbury is manager of Progressive Agriculture Organization.