Nexstar covers Congressman Keller's views on the Democrats' plan to ban fossil fuels

July 1, 2020
In The News

 House of Representatives Democrats have unveiled their plan to fight climate change.

“We are here today cause for far too long, the federal government had turned a blind eye to the impact of toxic pollution on the entire communities we are discussing today,” Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin said.

McEachin and other members of the House select committee on the climate crisis say their legislation combines climate solutions with economic growth, job creation and community development.

“Together, we can assure a better, brighter, more sustainable future for Americans across our country, while delivering justice to the communities that have been long denied such justice,” McEachin said.

The goal for the plan is to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050, which means all carbon pollution must either be absorbed or an equal amount removed.

“This climate action plan is the first step in delivering on that promise,” McEachin said.

But Republicans like Pennsylvania Rep. Fred Keller say the plan is overly-ambitious.

“It’s gonna de-stabilize something that we work to, as the United States, to become energy independent,” Keller said.

Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Meuser urges Democrats to work with energy companies instead of against them.

“There are other better ways of focusing and that’s what the private sector brings out. The private sector purifies what’s a good investment and what isn’t,” Meuser said.

Keller and Meuser expect this climate bill to fail, if it gets to the Senate.