Pa. delegation blast ‘sham impeachment’

November 1, 2019
In The News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Eight members of the Pennsylvania Republican Congressional Delegation voted unsuccessfully to block Speaker Pelosi and Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff’s last-minute vote to legitimize the baseless push to impeach President Trump,

Among those who voted against it were U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson and U.S. Rep. Fred Keller.

A combined statement from the congressmen read as follows:

“House Democrats have disenfranchised millions of Americans — including about 10 million Pennsylvanians — by conducting these impeachment investigations in secret, so they can manipulate the process into their desired endgame.

The statement continued, “Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Schiff have insisted on closed-door meetings, blocking all but three of us from participating in a process they have carried out in secrecy as a means to invalidate the voice of the American people.

“Regardless of political or personal views, the decision to impeach a sitting President is breathtakingly serious — and all members of Congress have a right to know what is going on. Now, as a result of mounting pressure, House Democrats are trying to legitimize this sham at the last minute. This needs to stop. We need to get back to the business of governing the country, end this farce, and focus on what really matters.”