PA Rep. Owlett, Congressman Keller tour Truck-Lite facility

February 19, 2021
In The News

TIOGA COUNTY, PA (WENY) -- Pennsylvania Representative Clint Owlett and Congressman Fred Keller were in Wellsboro on Friday to tour the Truck-Lite facility. After the tour, Rep. Owlett and Congressman Keller discussed with Truck-Lite employees the issues related to small business support and job growth in the region.

"We as legislators can help either get out of the way or engage in new conversations, that will help them get the help that they need, so this business can continue to grow," said Rep. Owlett. 

Rep. Owlett says workforce development was a huge problem before the pandemic, and its only gotten worse. Owlett says the question is how are we going to increase job opportunities in workforce development in rural communities, like Tioga County. 

"Partnering with our school districts, partnering with Mansfield University specifically in ways that we can start to develop curriculum, so that students coming out are even more prepared for the job opportunities right in the community that they live in. Great opportunities with good pay, good benefits, sign on bonuses, I mean great opportunities for these kids. So how can our school districts work with manufacturing or industries leading industries in a community to be able to prepare early on the students for the jobs, not of today, but the jobs of today and tomorrow," said Owlett. 

Truck-Lite was first established in 1955. Since then, it has grown tremendously, operating 10 facilities across North America and Europe.

Rep. Owlett added, "A company like this is creating a product that's going around the world and its being made right here, and great employment operations and opportunities for folks right here in the 68th district." 

Currently, Truck-Lite has a total of 258 employees working at its Wellsboro location. The facility is still looking to fill several positions. 

"Jobs are necessary, the best stimulus is a job. The best thing we can do, is support places like Truck-Lite to have policies to enable them to grow," said Congressman Keller.