Post Office May Be Renamed In Honor of Mindy Piccotti

September 18, 2019
In The News

Melinda Piccotti was known for giving back to her local community and for helping area veterans.

Piccotti, an Air Force veteran, founded the Hunts for Healing organization, which helps soldiers wounded in combat and other combat veterans transition back into civilian life by allowing them to experience the joys of hunting.

The Laceyville-based group has been praised by many local, state and federal officials, and prompted then U.S. Rep. Tom Marino to begin the process to rename the Laceyville Post Office in honor of the late Piccotti.

Marino’s resignation at the beginning of the year may have delayed that effort, but his successor, U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, has picked up that ball and is running with it.

In fact, on Wednesday, Sept. 11, Keller introduced House Resolution 4279 which, if approved by Congress, would officially rename the post office building at the corner of Main and Church sStreets in honor of Picottti, who passed away in February 2018 after a long battle with cancer. “A native of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District,

Mindy was an Air Force veteran who knew the struggles combat veterans and wounded soldiers face when returning home from duty,” Keller said when introducing the resolution on the House floor. “Starting in 2009, at the age of 60, Mindy highlighted her commitment to our nation’s armed forces by creating Hunts for Healing based out of Laceyville.”

With the assistance of volunteer guides, and funded entirely by private donations, Hunts for Healing helps veterans in need of physical, spiritual and emotional support, said Keller.

“For the impact of her life and her continued legacy in the veterans community, I urge members (of Congress) to support H.R. 4279 and name the post office in Laceyville for Melinda ‘Mindy’ Gene Picotti,” he said.

Laceyville Postmaster Bill Clark said Piccotti not only served her country as a member of the armed services, but served it a second time by founding Hunts for Healing and providing an opportunity for soliders to hunt in the local area.

Piccotti was “an awesome lady,” Clark added.

“I miss her,” he said. “She was a lot of fun. Her whole family are wonderful people.”

It is not known how long the process of renaming the Laceyville Post Office in honor of Piccotti will take to be approved by Congress.

“We’ll wait and see,” said Clark, who noted he is hopeful that the post office will be renamed in honor of Piccotti by early 2020.