President Biden highlights 'Build Back Better' Agenda at Electric City Trolley Museum

October 21, 2021
In The News

SCRANTON (WOLF) — President Joe Biden highlighted the benefits of his ‘Build Back Better Agenda’ in Scranton, Wednesday evening.

The commander-in-chief walked up with an iron worker at the Electric City Trolley Museum to present his 'Build Back Better' budget plan with a $3.5 trillion price tag.

A plan he says will give Pennsylvania $11.3 billion for highway improvement projects, and 1.6 billion dollars for bridge repairs or replacement.

“This is the United States of America dammit, What are we doing? And both these bills are going to help us meet the moment on the climate change crisis in a way that creates good jobs, makes us more economically competitive," said President Biden.

The President touched on providing billions of dollars for social programs and improving broadband access to Americans, as well as tax cuts for families with children.

His proposal would increase the child tax credit from $2,000 to $3,000 for children ages six and older.

A credit that would come in the form of monthly checks so parents do not have to pay the cost of childcare.

Something Democrat Representative Eddie Day Pashinski fully supports.

“It’s gonna improve the quality of life not just the material infrastructure but also the human infrastructure so that wife, that mother can go to work and not have to pay a bazillion dollars for their childcare," said Pashinski.

While democrats argue the President’s build back better proposal will help working families and wont increase inflation, Pennsylvania Republicans say its not a good deal for the American people.

“We’ve seen our dollar purchase a lot less right now I mean nine months into this administration and we’re seeing prices of energy that have not been this high in almost a decade. The policies of this administration are seeing the increases in food, in energy, the things everybody needs," said Republican Congressman Fred Keller.

While the final bill would likely drop tuition free community college and curtail child tax credits, President Biden continued to drill the concept of “Scranton vs. Wall Street."

His attempt of giving average Americans an economic advantage over wealthy investors.

“These bills are not about left versus right, or about moderate versus progressive or anything that pits one American against another. These bills are about competitiveness versus complacency. They’re about expanding opportunity not having opportunity denied," said President Biden.

Now the next stop for President Biden will be in Baltimore where he will participate in a town hall to sell his legislative agenda on Thursday.