Rep. Keller: It’s a ‘sad day’ in America

December 11, 2019
In The News

U.S. Rep. Fred Keller, serving Clinton and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, said Tuesday’s announcement of two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump mark “a sad day for our Republic.”

Speaking from Washington, D.C., U.S. Rep. Keller said the articles by House Democrats follow an effort of over nearly four years by some career bureaucrats and members of the intelligence community to stop the Trump Presidency.

“Those who do not like President Trump’s policies and resent him working to restore the power of the government to the people have worked tirelessly from the moment he announced he was running for President to find any possible means to tear him down,” Keller said. “The articles of impeachment announced today are not fueled by any facts or first-hand accounts, but rather a fantastical hatred for the President of the United States of America.

“The actions of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, and their House Democratic colleagues have done–and will continue to do–nothing but tear this country apart,” he said.

Prior to and during closed-door interviews of officials and public impeachment hearings, Keller has been a vocal opponent to actions against the president.

“Democrats are so afraid of a repeat of the disastrous Mueller hearing that they are starting public hearings only after wasting hundreds of hours auditioning witnesses in secret, shutting out the American people and 75 percent of their elected representatives to Congress.

“The rehearsed questions and prepared answers the American people … are nothing short of political theatre orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment Czar, Adam Schiff. These proceedings are not meant to get to the bottom of anything and are merely an attempt to check the box of transparency so House Democrats can continue their three-year-long coup and overturn the will of the people,” Keller said.

“Enough is enough. It’s time for this sham process to end and for Congress to move on to working for the benefit of the American people by passing things like the USMCA, truly bipartisan prescription drug reform, and measures to fully fund our military and take care of our veterans.”

U.S. Rep. Keller sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi saying it was time to end “selective leaks and fake transparency.”