State leaders discuss USMCA and its potential local effect

February 21, 2020
In The News

MONTOURSVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WOLF) — State leaders were in Montoursville today, talking about how the USMCA trade deal will help businesses in Pennsylvania.

They toured a local manufacturing plant this morning.

It's a packed manufacturing floor at the Ralph S. Alberts in Montoursville today.

Items are being packed up to be shipped out and some are getting their final layer of paint.

"The work that gets done here, it's really outstanding to see what they do here," said Congressman Fred Keller, (R) 12th District.

The company makes everything from seating for amusement park rides, to medical equipment and military gear to keep our soldiers safe on the front lines.

And what they do here could be getting even bigger. With the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

"That in itself would really give us the opportunity to open our markets in Canada and Mexico," said Seth Alberts, president/CEO of Ralph S. Alberts.

At Alberts' side is Republican Congressman Congressman Fred Keller, who says the agreement could bring in more than 600,000 jobs and $35 billion in activity nationwide.

"So here in Pennsylvania probably 42,000 manufacturing jobs, really important the benefits of that," said Congressman Keller.

The company says last year they added fifteen jobs and with this agreement they expect to bring in 15-20 more.

"To get into those markets on a higher level is definitely a benefit to our company," said Alberts.

Canada needs to ratify the agreement before its put into affect.

"It's a better trade agreement than we had in NAFTA to be sure," said Congressman Matt Cartwright, (D) 8th District.

Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright agrees and thinks it could create a booming agriculture industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

"It increases the amount of dairy products that we can sell up there in Eastern Canada and everything we can do to help our dairy farmers we need to be doing," said Congressman Cartwright.