State Representatives React to American Rescue Plan

March 5, 2021
In The News

In a press conference today Democratic State Representatives Matt Cartwright and Susan Wild discussed their support for the American Rescue Plan that passed the house last week.

The representatives say that this plan provides 130 billion to state education departments immediately.

So they can open schools safely and keep them open for in person learning while making up for lost time.

"An even greater concern of mine is that students in the rural parts of North Eastern Pennsylvania where broadband internet is still lacking could not learn online at all that is why we have to get all of our students safely back in person in the classroom as soon as we can it's so important to insuring they don't fall even farther behind," Cartwright explained.

Republican Congressman Fred Keller made a statement after the bill passed the house.

“I voted to reject this bill because it comes at a significant cost the American taxpayer and fails to move our nation closer to our goals of defeating this virus and returning our nation to normal," Keller said.