Susquehanna County getting $2.5M in FEMA funds after 2018 storms

December 12, 2019
In The News

SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WOLF) — About a year and a half after severe storms left behind some serious damage in Susquehanna County, money from the federal government is flowing in.

Almost $2.5 million will go to Franklin Township for road repairs and PennDOT for repairs to bridges in Susquehanna County.

"All of our roads were damaged and we still are working to get them restored," said Jeanne Sullivan, one of the Franklin Township supervisors.

She remembers the damage that storms left back in August 2018.

"The roads could be totally washed away, the shoulder to the road may have large ditches in them and the roads get flooded," she said. "This road here, my side yard had 5.5 feet of water in it. My little lighthouse here was totally underwater. Fortunately my house didn't get damaged."

This area is one of many that's had to put up their own money to help get things cleaned up.

"The townships roads aren’t all repaired yet so it’s been very difficult on our township finances so we’re hoping to start getting money from FEMA," said Sullivan.

That hope is coming true.

Congressman Fred Keller announced about $1.2 million each for Franklin Township and PennDOT Susquehanna County in FEMA grant money.

"It’s really important to make sure this money gets back to help our county so that they have the investments in infrastructure that they deserve and count on every day for commerce, for education, getting kids to school," said Representative Fred Keller.

While the roads in Susquehanna County are passable, there's plenty of work still to be done.

That was highlighted during a meeting with PennDOT in October.

A six year plan that'll hopefully be aided by this announcement.

"Maybe other work got delayed, so now there will money to make sure that we can take care of infrastructure in Susquehanna County and all across PA-12," said Keller.

"We'd just like to get the roads to what they were originally," added Sullivan.

Keller says this grant money makes up about 75% of the total cost of the repair projects.