Wyo. County Announces Open Position

February 27, 2020
In The News

At the Wyoming County Prison Board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 25, Commissioner Tom Henry thanked the prison staff for helping the prisoners who were sick last week.

“You guys did a tremendous job and under the circumstances, it was trying,” he said.

During the commissioners’ meeting afterwards, Commissioner Rick Wilbur said the Wyoming County Human Services has an open position for a level-one County Social Service Aide.

The position is a full-time State Civil Service post with a starting annual salary of $16,871.40, according to Wilbur.

He mentioned that Human Services would like to fill the position as soon as possible.

“They (prison board) had a person they hired that just didn’t work out although he was just there for a couple of weeks,” he said. “So, they want to replace that person they hired for that short term.”

In other business, Wilbur announced a request for video conferencing for the jail. He said that it is to be used only for arraignments.

“The magistrate and the judge all assured us if we pay for this that we will start using it,” he said.

Wilbur said that the cost for software annually is $648.90. He announced the cost for a onetime purchase of a computer and monitor to be $882.

Wilbur mentioned that using this technology is an easy way to do arraignments.

“It’s not just our jail either,” added Henry. “We can do it from other jails, too.”

Sheriff Bob Roberts said that it will cut down on the liability for transports.

Also, Veteran Affairs Officer Jack Hubert introduced veteran Dave Broadwell from U.S. Rep. Fred Keller’s office.

He told the commissioners about a medal that has been commissioned in honor of the men and women who had served in the Korean War, called the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal.

“I was just told that it’s obsolete, and they changed some of the colors,” said Hubert.

Broadwell then took the floor and said that he and Hubert are working on recognizing Korean War veterans, in conjunction with the South Korean government, for this peace medal.

“Basically, it’s a medal that’s administered by the South Korean government,” he said. “It’s the South Korean government’s way of saying ‘thank you.’”

Broadwell asked for a DD214 certificate certifying that the veterans served in Korea. He also said they are eligible to submit qualifying next of kin, including children and spouses.

He told the commissioners if they have any further questions, they can contact him or Hubert.

In other business, the commissioners approved the purchase of a new rug in Magisterial District Judge David Plummer’s office and eliminate the service contract with Cintas, saving $800 annually.

In his commissioner’s report, Wilbur said he and the others met with George C. Horwatt, president of the Welsh Cultural Endeavor of Northeastern PA, who was interested in purchasing the former Evans Falls School to turn it into a Welsh-themed cultural center.

“He (Horwatt) has some grandiose plans, and hopefully it would work,” said Wilbur.

The commissioners also met with Bill Bender, a consultant with Merrill Lynch. Wilbur explained that Bender used to handle the commissioners’ pension plans before Merrill Lynch dropped out of the municipal pension plan business.

“He’s (Bender) doing right now a free review for us on our pension plans,” said Wilbur. “And he’s going to give us recommendations on evaluating who we have, the money we’re making, we’re trying to save everything that we can.”

In other business, the commissioners held meetings with county department heads last Thursday and Friday. Wilbur reported that they talked about the state of Wyoming County and opened the floor to questions and comments.

“This is something we want to start doing, and also start having individual meetings with departments,” he said.

Wilbur mentioned that Henry attended the grand opening of Keystone Commons at Keystone College last Tuesday. Henry said that the stores include Steak & Shake, a high-end convenience market, a bank and a gym.

“It’s open to the public,” said Henry. “Not just (for) the folks at Keystone (College).”

Also, the commissioners met with Enterprise Leasing on Monday to discuss the number of vehicles and leases that the county has, which is 18.

“We had a five-year lease program that we entered a little over four years ago,” said Wilbur.

Wilbur said that the vehicles were sold by Enterprise and the capital was used for a down payment for a lease program. He said that a lot of cars had a lot of use in them and suggested trading them in before the lease is up.

Henry said they were one of the first counties to do this and many other counties, townships, school districts and police stations followed suit.

Wilbur reported that the commissioners will attend the Endless Mountains Heritage Region grant workshop at the Dietrich Theater on Thursday.

On Friday, the commissioners will be convening the salary board to discuss new positions. Also, they will meet with the Communication Center at the National Weather Service to go over plans in case of emergency.

A breakfast is planned at Shadowbrook Inn & Resort on Tuesday, March 31 to recognize caregivers and clients for Intellectual Disabilities Month.