Congressman Fred Keller announces Federal grant funding for Heller Dam remediation

November 4, 2019
Press Release
Grant from FEMA’s High Hazard Potential Dam Program follows letter of support, tour from Congressman Keller

Williamsport, PA — Congressman Fred Keller announced today that the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority received federal grant money from the High Hazard Potential Dam grant program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) for remediation of the Frank E. Heller Dam in East Williamsport.


The grant, totaling $176,800, came after Congressman Keller sent a letter of support to FEMA outlining the importance of the Dam project and a visit to the Dam site by Congressman Keller earlier this year. It will be supplemented by a 48 percent match by the Authority and will be used for the planning and design of the rehabilitation project for the Dam.


“I want to thank all of those at the local, state, and federal levels who worked on obtaining this critical grant funding. These are the kind of infrastructure projects we should be focusing on,” Congressman Keller said of the grant award. “The grant money will be used to rehabilitate Heller Dam for the betterment of the greater Williamsport area and the water consumers reliant on the Dam’s continued, long-term operation. I am happy our office was able to contribute to getting this grant approved.”


Michael Miller, Executive Director of the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority, noted Congressman Keller’s work in obtaining the grant money.


“Congressman Keller took a keen interest in learning about the Williamsport Municipal Water Authority’s High Hazard Potential Dam Project, including touring the Dam to see the issues first-hand,” Miller said. “His support and advocacy for the project were key components to the successful grant application which provides significant cost savings for the community.”