Congressman Fred Keller issues statement on future of Keystone XL pipeline

January 19, 2021
Press Release
Lauds innovation in domestic energy sector amid Biden’s plans to revoke pipeline permits

Washington, D.C.Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) today released the following statement in response to President-Elect Joe Biden’s reported plans to issue an Executive Order halting operation of the Keystone XL pipeline:


“Homegrown energy supports millions of family-sustaining jobs and fortifies our national security. In Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, which is home to some of the nation’s most abundant energy and natural gas resources, that means 88,000 downstream jobs with an economic impact of $3.7 billion annually. Without question, natural gas remains an indispensable part of America’s approach to meeting our country’s growing energy needs—a fact that is unlikely to change any time soon. In light of this, our leaders should be working to bolster technology and innovation in the energy industry, not scrapping our existing infrastructure with no alternative solution in sight.


“In recent months, the Keystone XL pipeline project has announced significant overhauls that will ensure its sustainability and reduce its environmental impact, including a pledge to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This is precisely the approach that our government should be supporting, yet President-Elect Biden has steadfastly opposed the project in an apparent overture to the more radical wing of his party.


“No matter what actions are taken in Washington, natural gas will continue to move—be it by pipeline, rail, or truck. The crucial difference is that pipelines like the Keystone XL are demonstrably safer and create less greenhouse gas emissions during transport. Natural gas is not going anywhere, and the decision our leaders must make is whether they will stand with the hard-working Americans who rely on the energy industry for their livelihoods—and the millions more who benefit from the lower energy costs that result—or enact frivolous and shortsighted policies to their detriment.”


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