Congressman Fred Keller recognizes heroes of the Broadway Hotel fire

August 2, 2020
Press Release
Jersey Shore volunteer firefighters and regional police saved man’s life

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) spoke on the House Floor to tell the heroic tale of four volunteer fire fighters and one patrolman who saved a man’s life during the Broadway Hotel fire earlier this year.


During the evening of Saturday, February 15, 2020, a multiple alarm fire was reported at the Broadway Hotel and Restaurant in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. Multiple residential apartments in the upper levels of the hotel were engulfed in flames and heavy smoke with reports indicating a trapped man on the third floor.


Chief Howard Fausey and Assistant Chief Ethan Goodbrod of Citizen’s House Company, Station 45, firefighters Jason Clarke and Ron Dailey of Independent Hose Station, and Patrolman Shawn Hummer took action to extract the man from the fire, putting their own lives in harm’s way.


The victim suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation but has since recovered from his injuries.


On this act of heroism, Congressman Keller made the following statement:


“This is an inspiring story of heroics that makes me proud to be a Pennsylvanian, knowing that we have these brave men protecting our community. Chief Fausey, Assistant Chief Goodbrod, Firefighter Clarke, Firefighter Dailey, and Patrolman Shawn Hummer put their own lives at risk to save a man who needed help. This event is a reminder of how important it is we support our first-responders. Far too often, the work of our first responders goes unheard but I am honored to take the opportunity to amplify their valor on the House Floor of our nation’s Capital.”