Congressman Fred Keller says Democrats’ impeachment farce is now trying to undermine the President’s foreign policy power

December 3, 2019
Press Release
Argues it’s the latest opportunity cost suffered as a result of the sham process

Washington, D.C. — With President Donald Trump at the NATO Summit working on important foreign policy goals like ensuring NATO allies pay their fair share toward the mutual protection pact, Congress is retuning to session this week with Democrats continuing their endless impeachment farce and impeachment hearings expected to start in the House Judiciary Committee.


On the continued push for impeachment, Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) made the following statement:


“While Democrats are continuing their endless impeachment farce, President Donald Trump is at the NATO Summit in London standing up for American interests and seeking to accomplish important foreign policy goals by, among other things, ensuring NATO allies pay their fair share.


“By holding these distracting made-for-TV hearings during this important time, and knowing no end to the impropriety of the impeachment farce they’ve undertaken, Democrats are now trying to undermine the ability of President Trump to follow through on the foreign policy goals he seeks on behalf of this country.


“Ever since it was announced, this impeachment process has been unfair to Americans who expect their government to function. It has cost Americans by standing in the way of the passage of the USMCA, truly bipartisan prescription drug reform, and comprehensive immigration reform. Continuing to hold impeachment hearings during this important week for American foreign policy is the latest example of the immense opportunity costs that are coming as a result of this sham process.”