Congressman Fred Keller slams Hollywood liberals for promoting movie during PFAS hearing

November 19, 2019
Press Release
Argues PFAS hearings continue to be a rush to judgement when more research is needed by real scientists

Washington, D.C. — The House Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on the Environment held its fourth hearing on PFAS chemicals Tuesday, calling as their star witness Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo.


Mr. Ruffalo is starring in the movie “Dark Waters” dealing with PFAS chemicals, which is set to premiere just two days following the hearing.


Mr. Ruffalo—who holds no expertise on PFAS chemicals—testified on the heels of Democrats on the Oversight and Reform Committee just last week attacking a Republican witness for not having any “scientific or particular expertise” in the area of abortion.


Earlier in the day, Ruffalo joined members of Congress in holding a press conference that ultimately promoted the movie.


As part of his statement to the committee, Congressman Keller noted:


“Knowing no depths to how far they’ll go to show off their hypocrisy or help their allies in Hollywood, the majority has called as their star witness an actor. An actor with no medical, scientific, or research expertise except for a few scenes as Dr. Bruce Banner. An actor that has a record of anti-business activism. More importantly to Mr. Ruffalo, and maybe Democratic allies, an actor with a movie premiering this week that attacks private sector job creators with loose facts and hyped-up emotional rhetoric. I am not sure if Mr. Ruffalo is looking for an Academy Award for his performance in his upcoming movie or for his performance at this hearing.”


Congressman Keller’s remarks can be seen in full HERE.