Congressman Fred Keller stands up for life in Democrats’ “reproductive rights” hearing

November 14, 2019
Press Release
Discusses personal story showing diagnoses do not necessarily predict outcomes

Washington, D.C. — During Thursday’s Democrat-crafted House Oversight and Reform hearing on “Examining State Efforts to Undermine Access to Reproductive Healthcare,” Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) stood up for life by sharing a personal story about how medical diagnoses are not always predictive of outcomes.


The story involves his now-adult son, Freddie, who suffered a devastating head injury in an accident that occurred when he was three years old. Despite their best efforts, doctors told Congressman Keller and his wife that Freddie would not live. Even once he started to recover, doctors believed he would not be able to live a full and meaningful life as a result of his accident.


“I am happy to say that today Freddie has fully recovered. He is a college graduate and now works for the very hospital that saved his life,” Congressman Keller said. “Freddie’s outcome was different than the doctors said it would be. His accident is now just a memory, but also an opportunity to learn about the value of human life.”


As it pertains to reproductive rights, Congressman Keller said sometimes doctors diagnose pre-born children with medical problems, but do not always know the outcome or get it right. These diagnoses are then used to plan abortions.


“In this country, we have countless situations where people determine the value of an unborn human life. Abortions are sometimes planned and executed based upon diagnoses that have uncertain outcomes,” Congressman Keller added. “Sometimes, as a result, babies are born alive and then killed as part of a planned abortion procedure. This should not only shock the conscience but should make the American people sick.”


You can watch Congressman Keller’s remarks in full HERE.