Congressman Fred Keller takes to House Floor to call out Democrats’ non-transparent “impeachment inquiry”

October 18, 2019
Press Release
Signs on to Rep. Biggs letter seeking clarification on rules used to subvert transparency

Washington, D.C.--Today, Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) went to the House Floor to call out Democrats’ non-transparent “impeachment inquiry” that he says is denying the President basic due process rights, has prevented the minority party from holding the majority party accountable, and has prevented minority party members from reading transcribed testimony.


In part, Congressman Keller noted:


“The people in my district, both Republicans and Democrats, have repeatedly told me they are sick and tired of the way this non-transparent inquiry is going and the fact that congress fails to do anything other than focus on tearing down the duly-elected president.


“It’s time to stop the nonsense, it’s time to stop the madness, it’s time to stop this opaque inquiry for the benefit of the American people.”


Congressman Keller also noted that the current inquiry has put substantive legislating at a standstill.


In addition, Congressman Keller also signed on to a letter drafted by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ)—and supported by dozens of House Republicans—to the Chairs of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, House Intelligence Committee, and House Foreign Affairs Committee who have principle fact-finding responsibility in the “impeachment inquiry” asking them to release the rules that are governing the depositions and transcribed interviews.


“The impeachment inquiry being led by House Democrats is a sham process,” Congressman Keller said on the House Floor


“Over the last three weeks, we have seen a stunning lack of transparency, the failure to provide basic due process rights to the president, the selective leaking of testimony and information, and members of congress being thrown out of these closed-door hearings.”


You can watch Congressman Keller’s full remarks HERE.