Congressman Keller talks economic recovery, Dems’ $2 trillion stimulus plan

February 22, 2021
Press Release
Participates in Facebook Live event with Americans for Prosperity to discuss pending stimulus package


Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) joined Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips and Pennsylvania State Director Ashley Klingensmith for a Facebook Live discussion on the latest $2 trillion stimulus package.


During the discussion, Congressman Keller explained the Democrats’ stimulus plan is both costly and ineffective—increasing total relief spending to $6 trillion while doing little to address the actual effects of the pandemic. Keller also clarified that Congress is now gearing up to authorize another round of relief while $1 trillion in federal aid has not yet been driven out.



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Here are some highlights from the discussion:


What I wish we were doing would be something more productive, transparent, and accountable to the American people. We’re talking about another $2 trillion and there’s been $4 trillion that’s already been appropriated in the 2020 calendar year. $1 trillion of that has not been spent. 


The bill that we are talking about right now contains much more than coronavirus relief. We should be looking at the money that is already available and what we’re doing to see that’s been spent appropriately.


Money coming from Washington, D.C. is not free money. Sooner or later we will have to look at how we repay these dollars.


Joe Biden is 78 years old and Speaker Pelosi is 80. They’re not paying this money back. It’s our kids and our grandkids and it’s time we start looking at this way.


How exactly does Joe Biden plan to pay for this and make it revenue neutral? Is it with agriculture programs, is it with veterans’ programs, it is with Medicare?


The thing that I am reminded of when I look at how things have progressed the past year is the saying, “A government that’s big enough to give you everything you need is also big enough to take everything you have.”


It’s the American people that will fund these bailouts. It’s the people’s money and it’s the people’s government.


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