Congressman Keller weighs in on Gov. Wolf’s lockdown, lawlessness in Lancaster on Fox and Friends First

September 16, 2020
Press Release
“You get the behavior you encourage and reward”

Washington– In case you missed it, today Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) was live on Fox & Friends First to share his thoughts on a federal judge’s recent ruling that Governor Wolf’s shutdown mandates were unconstitutional as well as the lawlessness occurring in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 


Congressman Keller stated that he denounced the governor’s unilateral shutdown orders from the beginning and this ruling is a good first step in providing checks and balances to the governor’s unchecked power.


On the federal judge ruling Governor Wolf’s mandates unconstitutional:


I think the court did exactly what it needed to do in making sure there was a balance. We said from the beginning that Governor Wolf couldn’t do these one-sided mandates without consulting other elected officials in the Commonwealth and respecting the rights of individuals.


We’re happy that the court saw what we were seeing all along with this.


The governor got it wrong when he says there’s been inaction by the federal government. The President, early on, took decisive and preventative actions.


People do what they do best; they keep themselves, their neighbors, and family and friends safe. We can do that.


I think the people of Pennsylvania are very thoughtful and resourceful and care enough to take the appropriate precautions.


The fact of the matter is that the governor just doesn’t trust the people of the Commonwealth to be able to make those decisions when they are given the guidance to do so.


Congressman Keller also weighed in the police officer-involved shooting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, explaining that the officer was justified in his actions and the resulting violent unrest, like the riots that have occurred in cities across the nation, is a consequence of liberal elected officials failing to maintain law and order.


On the violent protests and lawlessness occurring in Lancaster, Pennsylvania:


The first thing we need to do is respect law enforcement.


When you look at the body cam, as horrific as it is, the officer had to protect his life and potentially the lives of people that might have been in danger by a person running down the street with a deadly weapon.


For people not to recognize the whole situation and be rushing to judgement, now we’re having rioting in Lancaster. When you don’t address this appropriately, you get the behavior you encourage and reward.


It’s time we stand up for law enforcement when they make the right decisions and not rush to judgement.


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