ICYMI - Congressman Keller in The Washington Times: “The Impeachment Paradox: By voting to impeach the President, Democrats just emboldened those who elected him”

December 23, 2019
Press Release
Argues Democrats will have to answer for why they wanted to stop a booming economy, more jobs, and a stronger America

In case you missed it, Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) wrote an Op-Ed for The Washington Times today outlining his thoughts on why last week’s impeachment vote will backfire on the Democrats who voted to impeach President Donald Trump.


Here are some key excerpts from the Op-Ed:


By voting to impeach President Donald Trump last week, House Democrats led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi abandoned the Constitution, thumbed their noses at due process, and attempted to cancel the votes of the 63 million Americans who elected him President.


When talking with constituents, it is clear they respect the President’s ability to stand up for them against the Washington establishment. The President’s policies have benefitted hardworking Pennsylvanians by creating an environment for more jobs, a stronger energy economy, and better trade deals for the family farms that make up the landscape of my rural district.


The political identity of many in our district is inextricably linked with the President’s.


But we are not alone.


In 2016, 63 million Americans voted for President Trump as he won state by state, including Pennsylvania, on his way to an Electoral College victory.


Then, last week, the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives told the vast majority of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District and the rest of those 63 million American voters that their vote does not matter – that their voice should not be respected.


Criminal justice reform; tax cuts for working families; economic policies that have led to the lowest unemployment rates across all categories of Americans in 50 years; and free and fair trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Japan, and China that put American interests first. These are only a few of the President’s accomplishments.


Frankly, the political elite—those like Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Adam Schiff, and Chairman Jerry Nadler—is upset that President Trump has made and kept his promises where they have failed.


They want to see President Trump go away so they can return to business as usual.


Washington Democrats’ biggest fear is that the American people will reelect President Trump and forever wrest away their grip on power.


From where we stand today compared to three years ago, who could argue with four more years?


Come next November, President Trump will have to answer for a booming economy, more jobs, and a stronger America, while Washington Democrats will have to explain why they want to stop it.


You can read the full Op-Ed HERE.