Keller Backs Emergency Funding to Address Border Crisis

June 28, 2019
Press Release
Challenges Democrats to Continue Work to Secure the Border

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Fred Keller (PA-12) today released the following statement after voting for H.R. 3401, the Emergency Supplemental for Humanitarian Assistance and Security at the Southern Border, as amended by the Senate:


“I’m glad that, after 59 days of denying the humanitarian and security crisis at our border, and blocking 18 attempts by Republican to fix it, the Democrats have finally recognized the need for action,” Keller said. “I challenge Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats to continue to work with Republicans to find meaningful solutions to our nation’s immigration problems and secure our southern border. This is long overdue.


“The bill which was amended by the Senate addressed many of the issues with the bill I voted against yesterday. Namely, the Senate amended bill includes $65 million to pay for 30 new Immigration Judge Teams, $21 million to counter human trafficking, $70 million to support law enforcement, and $145 million to support our National Guard troops and other military assistance.


“This is only one step in the effort to enact meaningful solutions to our immigration crisis. The fact is that bad actors from foreign nations are exploiting and mistreating individuals, including children, coming into our country illegally. The only way to stop this humanitarian crisis is to secure our border, fix our broken immigration system, and enforce our laws.”


The House passed H.R. 3401 as amended by the Senate by a vote of 305-102. It now goes to the President’s desk for his signature.