Keller co-sponsored rural broadband expansion bills clear House

December 16, 2019
Press Release
Two co-sponsored bills will help improve broadband access to places like PA-12

Washington, D.C. — Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) announced two bills he co-sponsored that will help with rural broadband expansion unanimously passed the United States House of Representatives Monday:


H.R. 4229The Broadband DATA Act would help the Federal Communications Commission better determine where rural broadband is needed by collecting granular data on service availability, putting strict parameters on how and what data is collected, and providing a mechanism to challenge coverage area maps created by the FCC.


H.R. 4227The MAPS Act makes it unlawful to knowingly, willfully, or intentionally submit inaccurate broadband service coverage data.


“Expanding broadband data service coverage throughout Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District is one of the most crucial infrastructure projects we are working to achieve,” Congressman Keller said. “Having robust broadband data service coverage throughout our rural district will allow us to achieve our full economic potential and help our region become the driving force it is primed to be.”


The passage of these bills is the latest in a line of Congressman Keller working to expand rural broadband access for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.


Earlier this year, Congressman Keller met with Claverack Electric Cooperative where he discussed the need and potential for rural broadband deployment throughout the district.


Congressman Keller has also announced a number of federal grants for local governments within Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District that are aimed at expanding rural broadband coverage.