Keller joins HEAT members in outlining consequences as U.S. officially rejoins Paris Agreement

February 19, 2021
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today Congressman Fred Keller (R-PA) joined members of the House Energy Action Team (HEAT) in releasing the following statements outlining the consequences of the U.S. rejoining the Paris Agreement:


“The Biden Administration’s decision to rejoin the Paris Agreement is a capitulation to globalism and a rejection of the progress America made under President Trump. So far, this administration has only made moves to weaken America’s energy independence at a time when a robust energy sector is more important than ever. Rejoining this flawed agreement sends the wrong message to the world and moves us backward when it comes to ensuring other countries contribute to common environmental objectives.”


Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA):


"At a time when millions have lost their jobs and families who are struggling need affordable energy the most, President Biden has officially entered the United States back into the detrimental Paris Agreement. Our new commitment to the Paris Agreement, backed by unrealistic policies, will only place additional undue burdens on American families and workers during a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty.


"Estimates of the Obama Administration’s prior commitments show that the reduction in manufacturing necessary to comply with the unrealistic Paris Agreement mandates would destroy millions of American jobs – including many of the energy jobs that are so critical to our economy in Louisiana. Those jobs will be handed over to countries like China and India, who emit significantly more carbon than us now, and are allowed to increase their emissions through 2030 under the flawed terms of the agreement. The radical targets of the Paris Agreement are so unrealistic that not even France is in compliance.
"Sadly, today’s action demonstrates that President Biden is caving to the demands of his far-left base at the expense of American workers and U.S. energy independence."


HEAT Co-Chair, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC):


“Another job-destroying, America-Last move by President Biden is officially in the books. The President has formally recommitted the United States to the Paris Agreement. This ill-informed decision will stifle GDP, force good-paying jobs overseas, raise energy costs, and severely undermine our global competitiveness. This agreement is nothing but a weak globalist attempt to push other countries to better their environmental standards, while undercutting America’s own success. We lead the world in CO2 emission reductions, but policies like this will have an adverse impact by forcing U.S. jobs and industries overseas to countries with virtually no environmental standards. It allows participating countries, which includes some of the world’s worst polluters, to set their own plan and timeline for improving their environmental standards without any real sense of enforcement to ensure they deliver on their promises. American taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for bailing out countries with inadequate environmental standards like China, who have no tangible goals set to improve their standards in the immediacy. I urge President Biden to reconsider and work with Members of Congress on America-First energy policies that bolster our national security, create jobs, and lower energy costs for American families.” 

HEAT Co-Chair, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK): 


"Once again we are seeing President Biden trying to appease his radical base. Rejoining the Paris Agreement will do nothing for global emissions at the cost of American jobs. Our adversaries like China will continue to increase their emissions while we handcuff ourselves to standards all for the sake of ‘going green’.”


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